Bingo Street £500 Self Service

Self Service BingoGet ready for the Bingo Street £500 Self Service Bingo new 5 line game! It takes place every Saturday @ 9:30pm in the Superbingomarket tab > £500 Self Service room. The minimum and maximum tickets per player are 1 – 96 and the card price is 20p. If you haven’t yet tried out this new game, you are in for a bug surprise. It is easier than you ever thought and more fun too!

Self Service Bingo is the Latest Craze

You can win £100 per line! Bingo Street offers pre-buy tickets. But it’s only self service in this store! Get your cards anytime during the week. This 5 line game has a twist in the tale – whether you bingo on 1 line or 5 – you all win the same amount with Bingo Street!


Find Your Way to Win with Bingo Street

At Bingo Street you can be new to the neighbourhood, or a bona fide local. Either way, the friendly online bingo site is full of lighthearted chat, regular bingo bonuses, huge jackpot games and much more! Take a stroll down Bingo Street and enjoy FREE bingo, cheap bingo and big guaranteed cash jackpots.

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