Bingo Workz September $10,000 Pleasure Pots

Pleasure PotsAre you ready to experience the all new Pleasure Pots? At BingoWorkz, it’s always hot in the bingo Lounge and on Saturday nights jackpot fever is running wild.

Watch Jeeves take it all off during the striptease games. The striptease pattern starts as a coverall and will strip, losing one spot per week, but the ball condition for calls to jackpot will remain the same. Wow. The jackpot starts at $1,000 and increases $250 per week until won. Strip tease game plays at 10:30pm.

Have fun with the Pleasure Pots at Bingoworkz

Give in to pleasure and take home the cash. $10,000 guaranteed in pleasure pots this month. September Pleasure pot schedule. September 4th and 18th, there are 5 games which starts at 9:24pm and 9:54pm with $500 guaranteed. September 11th, there are 2 games which starts at 10:06pm and 10:12pm with $1,000 guaranteed. September 25th, there are 3 games which starts at 10:06pm . 10:12pm and 10:18pm with $1,000 guaranteed.

Packages for this games are on sale. On September 4th and 18th the price is 50 cents per card for 5 games, On September 11th the price is $1 per card for 2 games and On September 25th the price is $1 per card for 3 games. What are you waiting for? Get your packages Early! You don’t want to miss out on the Pleasure of Cash.

Play Now at BingoWorkz or read our online bingo review and join September $10,000 Pleasure Pots for the Pleasure of cash.