Bingomania UK King Tut £5,000 Challenge

King TutPlay online games bingo at Bingomania UK and take part in the King Tut £5,000 Challenge, you could have the chance to win the amazing bingo prizes.

Almost 90 years ago this November the secret entrance to King Tut’s Tomb was discovered in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings. Soon after, Howard Carter and his team of archeologists uncovered one of the largest and most valuable treasures in history, containing over 5000 items and worth nearly a billion dollars today.

Watch out for the King Tut Bingo Contest

Don’t worry about the infamous King Tut Curse, the latest challenge at Bingomania UK is going to bring you luck and some riches (on a smaller scale). Bingomania UK is unwrapping two new games dedicated to the Boy King Tutankhamen: Scarab Beetle and Tut’s Pyramid. Keep track of your Badges and your Challenge status on the brand new Challenge Badge Board, accessible in the Promotions menu via the “?” icon on your bingo screen.

You can unearth the King Tut Challenge games twice an hour in Lucky Streak and Money Tree, between 6am and 1am. The Tournament plays Thursday nights at 9pm in Mad House.

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