Bingonanza Bingo Eclipse Week

Bingo EclipseYou’ll be over the moon with all the bonuses Bingonanza have rising for you in the Bingo Eclipse Week special contest! Since Europe is the best place to see 2011’s first solar eclipse this week, they are excited to present …

Full Moon Madness – Every night from 11pm to midnight we’ll open our Mad House room with a special hour of free games awarding special Full Moon prize pools between £10-25.

Get Ready for a Bingo Eclipse this Week

Plus… The Daily Double Take! – The eclipse might make you think you’re seeing double but now our daily promotions can WIN you double! Every day this week you’ll be seeing DOUBLE the prizes! One regular promotion each day will offer TWICE the amount of cash or bonus you’d normally win:

* Saturday: 6 players will now get their cash back instead of 3!
* Sunday: Lucky for Some 13 winners win £26 instead of £13, and a whopping £226 for claiming bingo on #13!
* Monday: Must Win Monday will give you DOUBLE your money back if you don’t win!
* Tuesday: Twosome Tuesday £22 prizes are DOUBLED to £44 on the Anyline pattern!
* Wednesday: Today £100 Grand Games are known as £200 Grand Games!
* Thursday: The Money in Your Pocket bonus is now £2 when you spend £10!
* Friday: Free-For-All free games now play for £20 instead of £10!

Play Now at Bingonanza or read our online bingo review and join all the fun at the Bingo Eclipse Week.

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