CyberBingo $10K Guaranteed Game

Guaranteed GameCyberBingo will be giving away $13,500 Guaranteed Game in a 3-part game on Saturday September 25th. 3 great prizes which have to be won: 1st Part $1,000, 2nd Part $2,500, Coverall $10,000. So what does all of this mean? Well it basically means that someone is going to be taking home a life changing amount of money. It could be you if you are lucky enough to be the big winner this weekend.

The game will start at 11pm ET in the Tourney Room at Cyber Bingo so don’t be late, if you won’t be able to make it on time or you won’t be able to attend then buy some pre-buy cards in advance so you still have a chance of winning one of these huge prizes.

The Guaranteed Game is Huge

The prizes are massive so it’s worth purchasing some cards and test your luck at CyberBingo. Don’t forget that from 8pm ET onwards, CyberBingo offer 1st part $25, 2nd part $50, Coverall $250 Guaranteed Games together with a mid hour $150 Starting Game. We are planning to be there nice and early so that we can get a good seat.

Play Now at CyberBingo or read our online bingo review and join the $10K Guaranteed Game for the $10K in bingo prizes.