CyberBingo 15th Anniversary Special

Anniversary SpecialPlay online games bingo at CyberBingo and you can take part the in the huge Anniversary Special. This month they will be celebrating their 15th birthday with some High/Low Bingo Games. These are always a crowd favourite that are fun for everyone. Don’t miss it out.

Come on over to the Classic Room at CyberBingo and enjoy playing on the Special Patterns. This is a bingo event that only comes once every 15 years so unless you are planning on waiting another 15 years than you better get in on the fun and games this month.

The Anniversary Special Bingo Games are Here Now

The 15th Anniversary High/Low $150/$15 Games will play every day during the month of July as Top of the Hour Games. This means that you can play and win and celebrate whenever you have time this month. Obviously the more that you play, the better the chances that you can win. So make sure that you set aside some time every week so that you can join in the anniversary festivities. We will be there. How about you?

Play Now at CyberBingo or read our online bingo review and join 15th Anniversary Special for your chance to win the bingo prizes.