CyberBingo $1K Guaranteed Columbus Ships

Columbus Bingo ShipsMake deposits and play online games bingo at CyberBingo and the Columbus Bingo Ships will take you back in time. Sail away with CyberBingo and discover some great treasures.

On Monday October 10th join CyberBingo in the Halloween Bingo Room as CyberBingo get ready to sail away on ships like Columbus!

Prepare Yourself for the Columbus Bingo Ships Coming Soon

Three ship patterns for Columbus will play as Top of the Hour Games starting at 9PM ET and they will award a prize of a Guaranteed $1,000 cash each at CyberBingo. Card cost for these games is only $2 each. Make sure that you have enough bingo cards so that you can claim your fair share of the prizes that are up for grabs.

So get ready to Sail away with the $1,000 Guaranteed Columbus on Monday October 10th from 9PM onwards in the Halloween Bingo Room. Also, don’t forget that this month is October and good things come to those who play online bingo in October. You can look forward to some awesome promotions and contests coming up this Halloween. Be sure to stay tuned for all of the details right here.

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