CyberBingo High or Low Bingo

low BingoJoin CyberBingo on Wednesday, July 21st, from 4pm to 8pm ET in Classic room for some High or Low Bingo. Bingo on any number while in chat and tell the Host if you think the first ball out for the next game will be higher or the opposite of higher then the number you got the right number on. We think that you should know what we mean here, right? This is a special promotion that is only available for one day only.

Each right guess will win you 5 BBs. If the first ball out for the next game is the same number you bingoed on, you automatically win 5 BBs. The winner of of this game has until the next game begins to answer to the Host. If they do not give their choice of High or not high by this time frame, they forfeit their win.

You must be in chat from beginning of the game you won to qualify. If multiple bingo winners on same game, each winner gets to choose high or not high. Minimum 1 card purchase is required. This bonus game will be played along with the regular chat games at CyberBingo. We are sure that you will really enjoy this super fun bingo game. If you haven’t tried it yet, then what are you waiting for? Click over there right away and start winning today!

Play Now at CyberBingo to get your bingo bonus or start off by reading online bingo review of Cyber Bingo. What are you waiting for?