CyberBingo Thanksgiving Turkey $250 Max $1000

Thanksgiving TurkeyIt’s time to play online games bingo at CyberBingo, because CyberBingo is sharing the Thanksgiving Turkey with you this year on November 24th with up to $1000 bingo prizes. Turn this annual holiday into a new winning tradition when you play some amazing games in the CB bingo rooms.

CyberBingo is sharing the Turkey for Thanksgiving with you this year, as they do every year. Actually CyberBingo have four Turkeys and the Turkeys will give you a special Bingo Game for this year’s Thanksgiving.

Grab Your Thanksgiving Turkey to Win Big

Join CyberBingo in the Autumn Room on Thursday, November 24th and enjoy the special Thanksgiving $250 Max. $1000 bingo games which will play as Top of the Hour from 8 PM ET on-wards.

The prize will start at $250 up to 35 calls and from thereafter will increase by $30 per call up to $1,000 on the 60th Call. Card cost for the Turkey Max Games is $2 per card only playing on Thanksgiving. Are you planning to see your family this year over the holiday? If you are than you are very lucky. If you don’t have the chance than come and celebrate with your friends at Cyber Bingo.

Play Now at CyberBingo or read our online bingo review and join Thanksgiving $250 Max $1000 for the bingo prizes.