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Bingo UK Chat GamesIf you like to play bingo chat games than you are going to love the Dream Bingo UK Chat Games. Come and join in the fun and play Chat games and earn yourself more Bingo Bonus every 5 minutes in all rooms at Dream Bingo UK.

The Bingo UK Chat Games are at Dream

In the 90 ball room there are tons of choices to join in the chat games. A few of these games include:

3 Blind Mice

Blind numbers in this game are any numbers with a 0 at the end (30 40 50 etc). As soon as the first blind number is called shout “blind mice & the number” (EG: “blind mice 20”). The first 3 roomies to call, win 1 Bingo Bonus each.

Double Trouble

Watch the caller’s board for the first double number (11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88). When it’s called, say “double & the number” (EG: “double 22”). The 1st & 3rd player to call win 1 Bingo Bonus each.

Eggs Up

All roomies pick a number that ends with zero. When your number is called, type “EGGS UP” along with your number to the Chat Host to win 3 Bingo Bonuses. (1 winner only).

In the 75 ball room there are almost as many choices. A few of these include:

9am Wake-Up Call

Pick a number between 1 and 75. When your number is called, shout “I’M AWAKE” with your number to win 3 Bingo Bonuses.

2 corners or connect 2

When any 2 corners numbers (B1, B15, O61 and O75) are called, the first 3 roomies to yell “CORNERS” will win 1 Bingo Bonus.


I will ask a quiz question. First 2 roomies to answer correctly win 1 Bingo Bonus each.

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For more information on this very popular UK bingo site please read our Dream Bingo UK Review. When you register here you will become a fully fledged Bingo Dreamer with your very own Dream Bingo UK nickname and can start playing right away. Dive right in and check out one of the 75 or 90 ball bingo games, get to know other Bingo Dreamers by chatting in the special Bingo Rooms and meet the cheerful Chat Hosts too. At Dream Bingo UK everyone is a Bingo fan.

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