Loonie Bingo Lady Bugs vs Butterflies Chat Game

Bingo Lady BugsJoin CH-April to play Bingo Lady Bugs vs Butterflies at Loonie Bingo! There are two teams to choose from, Lady Bugs or the butterflies. How to play? The last bingo ball called will determine which team gets points on every bingo game, if the last number is an odd number, Lady Bugs will receive points, if is an even number then the butterflies will get the points. The ball unit number will be the amount of points given to the winning team, zero being the highest with ten points.

Choose the Bingo Lady Bugs or the Butterflies

The team with the most points at the end of the 8th bingo game will be the Loonie Bingo lucky winners. The BB payout differs depending on how many team members are playing. The players on the winning team Get 5bbs more that the players on the losing team.

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