Loonie Bingo Pays Your Fees

Loonie Bingo Pays Your FeesLoonie Bingo wants to make sure it’s players are treated the best of any online bingo site. So this August 2010 Loonie Bingo Pays Your Fees and also give you money back.

Depending on the type of deposit that you make you may be charged some transaction fees every time you make a deposit. This month Loonie Bingo will be covering those annoying fees for you.

Loonie Bingo Pays Your Fees so You Don’t Have to

They are also offering a fantastic cash back bonus program this month. For every deposit that you make during the month of August you will get 10% of the total amount back on September 1st. So if you deposit $500 during the month than you will start out September with and extra $50.

Get started right away and Sign-up at Loonie Bingo to start taking advantage of these awesome offers. Or you can read our online bingo reviews for more Loonie Bingo details.

Loonie Bingo is Where I spend my Loonies

One of our top picks for Canadian bingo players. You won’t be disappointed with all of the friendly players, amazing contests and huge jackpots awaiting you at Loonie Bingo. All games are played in Canadian Dollars and Canadian time zones.

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