Loonie Bingo Player Appreciation Day

Bingo Player AppreciationPlay online games bingo at Loonie Bingo and take part in the Bingo Player Appreciation Day. There’s $6,000 in cash prizes giving away this month. We all like to be appreciated and Loonie really like to show how much it appreciates it’s players. This makes this bingo offer a win win for everyone.

Loonie Bingo player appreciation day is play every Wednesday in September, make sure to join Loonie Bingo for your chance to win lots of free cash. It’s $6,000 giving away this month. Don’t miss out on your chance to share in the winnings.

Bingo Player Appreciation Day for the Best Bingo Offers

The games are play every Wednesday in September at 10pm in Pink room. That is $1,500.00 each Wednesday. Don’t miss it out. Make sure that you aren’t late if you want to win.

Play Now at Loonie Bingo or read our online bingo review and join Player Day for your chance to win $1,500 every Wednesday.

Loonie Bingo is Where I spend my Loonies

One of our top picks for Canadian bingo players. You won’t be disappointed with all of the friendly players, amazing contests and huge jackpots awaiting you at Loonie Bingo. All games are played in Canadian Dollars and Canadian time zones.