Metro Bingo Bigger Guaranteed Pots

Bigger Guaranteed PotsIf you are looking for Bigger Guaranteed Pots (and who isn’t) you need to visit Metro Bingo who have £1,000 or more guaranteed up for grabs every night of the week! That means that every time you play at Metro you can look forward to the best pots around.

The £1,000 Guaranteed games are played at Metro Bingo between 9pm – 10pm in the Bingo Café on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. The game schedule for this hour consists of a huge 10 x £100 guaranteed pots!!

Get Ready for Bigger Guaranteed Pots at Metro

So get playing every night of the week in the Bingo Café to ensure you get your share of the fantastic winnings at Metro Bingo!

Now Thursdays, are the special nights at Metro Bingo where there is a whopping £5,000 Guaranteed. With 10 massive games packed into the hour each game packs a £500 punch. Metro Bingo will be mixing things up a little bit with 5 x 90 ball bingo games and 5 x 75 ball bingo games it’s going to be a whole lot of Bingo fun!

So remember any day of the week, the Bingo Cafe at Metro Bingo is the place to be between 9pm-10pm. Play Now at Metro Bingo to get your bingo prizes or start off by reading online bingo review of Metro Bingo Bingo.