Posh Team Bingo

Posh Team BingoWhy play Posh Team Bingo? It makes perfect sense really. The more bingo you play, the more points your team earns, the more bingo buddies you make. You don’t have to do anything except for the one thing you love most… play bingo. Plus you stand a chance to win FREE bonus points from Posh Bingo!

Join Your Friends in Posh Team Bingo

How to play Posh Team Bingo? It’s all about team spirit at Posh! And we’re all for setting trends, so instead of choosing your team, we randomly place you in a team and change it every two weeks. Not only does this help you to make more friends, but it also gives everyone a fair chance of pairing up with a winning dream bingo team, whether you are on the side of the gods or goddesses! All you have to do is play bingo as many times as you can in the two weeks and the winning dream bingo team will be the one that bingos the most at the end of the two week period. If there is a tie, the team that bingos the most on the ‘Letter P’ pattern will win the main prize. At the end of the two weeks the scores will return to zero and the teams will be reshuffled. Winners will be announced in the winners mailer, their accounts will be credited and the leader board will be updated daily.


Play Bingo in Style, Play at Posh Bingo

Please read our online bingo review of Posh Bingo and get ready for some amazing bingo prizes. Don’t miss out on the vast selection of bonuses and free bingo in addition to a 250% bonus on your first deposit. With so many great prizes and opportunities to play bingo and win, Posh Bingo truly is the ultimate online bingo site!

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