USA Bingo Consolation Prizes

Bingo Consolation PrizesPlay online games bingo at USA Bingo and take part in the Bingo Consolation Prizes being the winners every day. You don’t have to bingo to win. That’s right. You don’t have to bingo to win. USA Bingo offer 2 very unique ways for the players to win every day without having to worry about that sometimes very elusive Green Bingo Card.

Bingo Consolation Prizes

Everyone has a chance to win the Consolation prizes every game, every day at USA Bingo. Up to 10 Players (sometimes more!) are chosen randomly at the end of each game to win a minimum of 3 Free Cards for the next bingo game. The consolation prizes vary, sometimes Free Cards, sometimes BBZ and sometimes cash. The only requirement is that you are playing cards for your chance to win.

In addition to the great prizes, during the scheduled Runner-Up hours listed below, 1 player is randomly chosen at the end of each game to win 1/2 of the bingo prize in BBZ. And it still holds true, You don’t have to bingo to win. Just have cards in play and you could be a big winner without ever seeing green.

In order to qualify for Runner Up, Consolations, withdrawals, Chat Game Comps, and any other promotional bonuses, your account must be funded with a minimum deposit of $20 within 15 days.

Play Now at USA Bingo or read our online bingo review and join the Consolation Prizes for your chance to win and do not have to bingo.