Vics Bingo Mid-Day Specials

Vics bingo Mid-Day SpecialsTake A break, relax and roll in the bingo riches at Vics Bingo! Get ready to put the luck inside your lunch break with the bingo Mid-Day Specials online bingo event, hosted every day in both the Dollar and Quarter Rooms!

Huge Fixed Pots in the Bingo Mid-Day Specials at Vics Bingo

Enjoy 3 straight hours packed with all the online bingo excitement that you love every day from Monday through Sunday!

Play in the Dollar Room from 12 PM to 2 PM EST for 2 hours of $500 fixed pots games.

Play in the Quarter Room from 2 PM to 3 PM EST for 1 hour of $100 fixed pots games.

See you at Vics Bingo Bingo for the mid-day specials.


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