123 Bingo Online Ring in the Fortune

123 Bingo OnlineRing in the fortune at 123 Bingo Online with a diamond ring because as per a traditional faith anything that completes a circle brings a good fortune as it symbolizes “coming full circle” that is, completing a year’s cycle!

Bingo on the Diamond Ring pattern and win guaranteed jackpots of up to $800 everyday! Be the first one to complete the full circle of the Diamond Ring in 15 calls to win a diamond and 1 BB from 123 Bingo Online. The player to stock the maximum diamonds by the end of the month wins a fortune worth 50 BBs. The Diamond Ring pattern will play randomly once every 3 hours, everyday this month in the Red (Nickels) Room.

Play Now at 123 Bingo Online or read our online bingo review and keep playing bingo as the Diamond Ring is all set to turn a fortune for you this month!!

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