Eyes Down Bingo £5000 Castaway Challenge

Eyes Down BingoEyes Down Bingo is setting sail for a secluded, island paradise in the new £5000 Castaway Challenge. Play online games bingo at Eyes Down Bingo for your prizes now.

You’ll be whisked away to an island at Eyes Down Bingo where all your bingo dreams can come true. Unlike real-life shipwreck survivors, you’ll be able to return to civilization anytime you want to — but with £5000 in prizes we’re sure you’ll want to stay and explore.

The uninhabited island paradise has been used in literature and films for centuries, with one novel going back as far as 1100 A.D. Since then the idea has been used in classics such as The Tempest and Robinson Crusoe, and in popular culture with Gilligan’s Island, the Tom Hanks movie Castaway, and the Survivor reality show. For the next two weeks, Eyes Down Bingo has two fun new Castaway-themed games for you: BAMBOO RAFT and PALM TREE!

These Challenge games play from March 4th to March 17th, and when you win both games you’ll win £5 and earn the Castaway Challenge badge. You’ll also gain entry to the weekly Challenge tournament where you can play for £750 in cash prizes! Don’t forget to keep playing Challenge games, because every time you win both the Bamboo Raft and Palm Tree games you’ll win another £5!

Challenge games gather together twice an hour from 6am to 1am, in both Money Tree and Lucky Streak, and the weekly Challenge Tournaments take.

Play Now at Eyes Down Bingo or read our online bingo review and join £5000 Castaway Challenge for your bingo prizes.