Tasty Bingo New Truffle Tray

Tasty BingoTasty Bingo’s new Truffle Tray is a serious melt in the mouth experience. We want to heighten your senses and unravel the tastiest collection yet.

Indulgence is at the very heart of this box as Tasty Bingo is giving you the chance to earn up to £150 Cashback, every week.

Whatever your palate craves whether it’s Bingo or Instants, Tasty Bingo will give you up to 6% on anything you wager. Therefore for every pound that you wager on Tasty you’ll get 1 truffle point.

Here’s the Truffle Tray Assortment at Tasty Bingo. 1 Truffle needs Truffle points between 20 and 99, it would win you 2% cash back every Friday, 2 Truffles needs Truffle points between 100 and 400, it would win you 4% cash back every Friday, 3 Truffles needs Truffle points 500+, it would win you 6% cash back every Friday.

Play online games bingo at Tasty Bingo and every £1 wagered on Bingo will get you 1 Truffle point, every £1 IG wagered will get you 1 Truffle point.

Play Now at Tasty Bingo or read our online bingo review and join New Truffle Tray for your your cash back every week.