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123 Bingo Online Tis Trekking Time

123 Bingo Online

Time to go trekking with your friends and win burly bonuses this month at 123 Bingo Online! Trek your way to the finish line from Thursday, August 2nd, 2010 to Wednesday, August 25th, 2010 and win the most awe-inspiring rewards at 123 Bingo Online.

The roomie to trek the farthest wins a brand new Sony VAIO Laptop and 500 BBs. The First Runner-up wins a HOT Gateway Netbook. And, the Second Runner-up wins $100 and 50 BBs. All players who cross the 500 yards of distance and reach the finish line will be rewarded with 100 BBs.

By the end of the promo, the total amount of deposits will determine number of yards you trek. A deposit of $5 is equal to one yard trek. The Minimum one time deposit amount is $25. The Prizes will be awarded on Thursday, August 26th, 2010. So, get in your trekking boots and trek your way to grand rewards and bonuses!

Play Now at 123 Bingo Online or read our online bingo review and join in ‘Tis Trekking Time to win a laptop and bingo bonus.

Dream Bingo Canada Zoo Bingo

Dream Bingo Canada

Go animal crazy this Wednesday August 18th at Dream Bingo Canada and win yourself a bingo bonus! The Chat Host will announce the Zoo Bingo game in the chat.

Watch the bingo board to see what ball you win bingo on. If you bingo on a Bear (Number in the ‘B’ row) than you win 3 BBz. Bingo on an Iguana (Number in the ‘I’ row) and you win 2 BBz. Bingo on a Nightingale (Number in the ‘N’ row) and you win 3 BBz. Bingo on a Giraffe (Number in the ‘G’ row) and you win 2 BBz. Bingo on an Ostrich (Number in the ‘O’ row) and you win 3 BBz. And nabors up and down visit the Zoo too and receive 1 BBz each! All players must meet the minimum card buy requirements and call “ZOO” or “NABORS” in the chat to claim their BBz prizes.

Play Now at Dream Bingo Canada or read our online bingo review and join in Zoo Bingo to win your bingo bonus.

Bingo Australia T Day

Bingo Australia

T Day is now running at Bingo Australia right now. T is for Tuesday, T is for Twice. That’s right, look for the T for 2 times pattern to double your bingo bonus. E.g. $25 win on the T pattern is a $25 x 2 = $50 bonus that will be credited

The chat host will add the extra bonus manually every time a player wins on the T pattern. In case there is no chat host in the room, just open a support ticket with the game number and Bingo Australia will get back to you. The Crazy T pattern does not apply for this promotion.

Play Now at Bingo Australia or read our online bingo review and join in the T Day Special to double your bingo bonus.

South Beach Bingo Lost Money Sack

South Beach BingoLooking for the right bingo room to show off your true bingo skills? Taco Bingo Room at South Beach Bingo is your choice then!

A total of 5 members will be able to win one of the $1,000 bonus prizes at South Beach Bingo, just by winning the most games in the Taco Bingo Room, from August 14th to the 19th. There is no need to send any information, South Beach Bingo will be crediting the prizes by August 24th.

Play Now at South Beach Bingo or read our online bingo review and join in the Lost Money Sack for your $1,000 bonus.

Bingo Angels Slot Event Mayhem in August

Bingo Angels

Between August 1st and August 31th you can increase your chances at winning some fantastic Cash Prizes by playing bingo at Bingo Angels!

Look for the Slots pattern playing between Noon and Midnight each day in Maxis H.O.B. and win yourself free Slot Seats. Use them to play in the Daily, Weekly and Monthly Events at Bingo Angels. The Daily Event Winner will gets $100 cash. The Weekly Event Winner will gets $250 cash. The Monthly Event Winner will gets a brand new DELL Mini Laptop (worth $650).

Play Now at Bingo Angels or read our online bingo review and join in the Slot Event Mayhem in August for your DELL mini laptop.

Jackpotjoy New Features in Bingo Rooms

You don’t get a reputation for offering the most innovative Bingo on the net for nothing, and Jackpotjoy is pleased to announce another set of exciting changes!

At Jackpotjoy Bingo, the Rocket Room will be closing and free bingo will be moved to a linked game in Cloud, Tiki, Emerald and Wizard (when available) that will take place every two hours between 08:15 and 02:15. The Prize Pool for these Free Games is £50 which will be divided between the 1 line, 2 line and Full House prizes. The Honey Room will offer 90 Ball Bingo between 18:00 – 01:00, for 50p a ticket. Gold will now only be available between 14:00 – 02:00. Bingo 20 will be returning in its old form, offering 75 Ball Bingo with a max buy of 20 cards. The room will be available 24 hours a day. You can switch back to the old chat layout if you prefer by selecting the Classic view. Scheduled Buy will allow you to buy tickets to any games you like, in advance.

Play Now at Jackpotjoy or read our online bingo review before playing.

Bingonanza Roller Coaster £5000 Challenge

In the Bingonanza new Roller Coaster Challenge you’ll be twisting and turning in your seats as you play for £5000 in prizes! Play in the “Air Time” and “Double Loop” games until 19 August to earn bonus money and collect your Challenge Badge. You could also win a £5 bonus for winning the final part of any Challenge game!

Remember, if you win both the Air Time and Double Loop games you’ll earn a special Roller Coaster Challenge badge for your badge board! Bingonanza challenge games play twice an hour, from 6am-1am (BST), in both Money Tree and Lucky Streak.

Play Now or read our online bingo review and join the Roller Coaster £5000 Challenge.

CyberBingo Mini Specials


Be at CyberBingo on the 10th, 11th, and 12th of August, from 11am-2pm ET in the Classic Room. The top four players winning the most BBs in Mini Birthday Bingo, Mini Rolling Roulette, and Mini Super Lotto combined will win extra BBs.

The CyberBingo prizes are split up as follows; First Place wins 75 BBs, Second Place wins 50 BBs, Third Place wins 25 BBs and Fourth Place wins 10 BBs.

Start playing today when you Sign-up at CyberBingo and you can wins some BBs with the Mini Specials Competition. Or read our online bingo reviews for more CyberBingo details.

Loonie Bingo Pays Your Fees

Loonie Bingo wants to make sure it’s players are treated the best of any online bingo site. So this August 2010 they will pay your fees and also give you money back.

Depending on the type of deposit that you make you may be charged some transaction fees every time you make a deposit. This month Loonie Bingo will be covering those annoying fees for you.

They are also offering a fantastic cash back bonus program this month. For every deposit that you make during the month of August you will get 10% of the total amount back on September 1st. So if you deposit $500 during the month than you will start out September with and extra $50.

Get started right away and Sign-up at Loonie Bingo to start taking advantage of these awesome offers. Or you can read our online bingo reviews for more Loonie Bingo details.