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Player of the DayBingoWorkz is now offering all bingo players a chance at special prizes for being the Player of the Day. You could be next to win 25 bbs, $25 cash and a gift! This could be your lucky day if you are the chosen one. Of course the more that you play or even the more that you visit Bingoworkz the better the odds that the winner might be you.

Have You got what it takes to be the Player of the Day?

The PlayeroftheDay is randomly drawn and will be announced in the BC room at 8PM every evening. The Daily Player will receive random gifts, 25BBz and $25 Cash. There is also a Bonus For ALL! Starting at midnight the next day, every time the PlayeroftheDay wins a bingo game, all players playing bingo will receive 3BB!!!! So once you are the chosen one, it doesn’t mean that you stay home and count your cash. You need to share your good luck with all of your bingo roomies and win some cash for everyone else who plays as well.

Play Now at BingoWorkz or read our online bingo review and you could be the next Player of the Day!

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