USA Bingo GEMz Collecting

Bingo Gem CollectionThe Bingo Gem Collection is playing at USA Bingo every week. Take part in and Collect your Gems from Sunday to Sunday and win a share of 250 BBz. This is a special contest that is available to all new and old members of this very popular bingo site. Can you guess whom this bingo site is targeted towards? If you guess US bingo players then you would obviously be correct. If you are from the US then you need to know more about this site immediately. Trust us on this and you won’t be disappointed.

Bingo Gem Collection

There are 1000 BBz GEM collectors in bingo central at USA Bingo. Bingo on the GEM pattern on the :42 of each hour. You and your Neighbor above will go into a drawing. There will be a drawing for 4 winners of 250 BB. Gemz Collectors runs from Sunday 6pm to Sunday 6pm. Gem Collectors are added to the board as often as possible.

Play Now at USA Bingo or read our online bingo review and join GEMz Collecting for your chance to win a share of 250 BBz. Are you ready to learn more. Click on the link above to visit this site.