Vics Bingo A Night In Front Of The Fireplace

Vics BingoPlay online games bingo at Vics Bingo and play the fireplace pattern games, you could have the chance to be the five winner win up to $500 bonus. Don’t miss it out.

Whether you use it for a romantic evening or a night of storytelling with the little ones, investing in a fire place is really worth it. And for you to be truly happy, try and win the games. Between December 2nd and December 7th Vics Bingo is going to run a special bingo raffle for all those who win at least one of the Fireplace pattern games that will be featured in our Dollar room in the above mentioned timeframe. So play and win and you will be able to get an entry for this random selection.

Vics Bingo will select 5 winners and they will win as below: One winner will get $500 bonus, Two winners will get $250 bonus each and Two winners will get $125 bonus each.

Play Now at Vics Bingo or read our online bingo review and join Fireplace pattern for the bingo prizes.