Bingo Canada Late Night Bingo


Bingo Canada

Are you ready for some late night bingo fun at Bingo Canada? The holiday season is filled with amazing home cooked food and family fun. After enjoying a great meal, it is time for an afternoon nap! Some of the best sleep is after eating a big feast and laying down on the couch to watch some football while slowly drifting away into sweet bliss. While an afternoon nap is a wonderful thing, it can keep you up late at night.

Bingo Canada have just the thing for you during the late night hours! Join in the Afterhours Lounge, from 2 AM to 3 AM, between November 17th and November 19th for a session of speed games with fixed prizes of $1500 on every 5th call and $250 on all the other calls for only $2/card. Boost your chances by buying 10 cards, because this way you get 5 cards for free! For more information read out online bingo reviews.


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