Bingo: A Minds Game

Bingo A Minds GameDo you believe that Bingo A Minds Game? When talking about bingo, no, we are not being ironic or sarcastic. Whilst many people consider bingo to be a game of great simplicity, the intellectual power needed to play it has been significantly underestimated. Does having a good brain mean that you are likely to be a better new bingo player? Here we will examine that question.

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Firstly an admission; we are really referring to bingo as it was played at bingo halls rather than online. Playing bingo online still has a number of challenges, but they are dwarfed by the challenge of playing bingo in a bingo hall; people who think otherwise will have never visited one.

Bingo is More Challenging Than You Think

Enter a bingo hall mid-game and you will discover a group of people as intense as you would find in any school or university exam room. Heads bowed, concentration intense, bingo dauber tightly gripped, ears pinned waiting for the next call. As the game progresses so too does the general level of adrenalin, which is raised by the excitement of being just a number or so away from a win along with the fear of missing a winning line. It is very easy to lose a won game of bingo; just one little mental slip is all it takes. It is hardly surprising that the popularity of online bingo fell when the smoking ban was introduced.

In the olden days of live bingo halls (modern bingo halls are not quite the same, there is too many electronic aids to help you play) seasoned players would play multiple cards simultaneously and never once drop a number.

Time moves on. Today most of us log on to play, and when we do the game will even play automatically.

The Future is Online Bingo

Although online bingo is not the mind game that live bingo used to be, it is still enjoyed by many people with brains. Being bright doesn’t reduce your chances of winning and you will often find university lecturers amongst published lists of online bingo winners. Finally where to play, now that really is a no-brainer. Just hop over to Mecca bingo at

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