Bingo Canada Where Is the Bunny Chat Game

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Bingo Canada wants you to crack an Easter smile. How could they not help you in enjoying Easter? All your roomies are waiting for you to join them. And they have got all kinds of treats ready for you on this marvelous celebration, so please, dash right into the bingo pots.

Bingo Canada is already to play Where is the Bunny Chat Game. Since everyone likes the Bunny, they decided to share this wonderful symbol of Easter with everyone here. Share your Easter joy with CM Smile on Monday, April 9th in Quarter room between 12 AM and 2 AM EST and help us to find all the eggs.

Pick 5 numbers, each under a different letter. The first letter out will determine which EGG you need to look after during the game; when you found it please type “Easter + number +icon”. The first roomies* to do so will win 6 BBs. Good luck roomies!!!

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