Chitchat Bingo Loyalty Points

At ChitChat Bingo the players will be rewarded with valuable Loyalty Points every time the players come back and play the exciting bingo games or one of the selected side games.

Each time you buy £1 worth of bingo tickets or stake £1 on one of the side games below, you receive the loyalty points. You can get 10 points in playing bingo, get 5 points in Keno, get 5 points in Hollywood Reels Slot, get 5 points in £1 Atlantis Scratchcard.

For every 1,000 Loyalty Points accumulated you can either redeem them for £1 of Bingo Bonus (10 Loyalty Points = 1p Bingo Bonus) or save your points to spend on one of 10 luxury prizes available at the Loyalty Points Prize Shop.

How to convert Loyalty Points to Bingo Bonus? First, Claim your points by selecting the ‘redeem points’ button when you have logged into the player’s lobby. Then, Select the amount of Loyalty Points you would like to redeem and click ‘submit’. You have to have accrued at least 1,000 Loyalty Points before attempting to convert them to Bingo Bonus. The bingo bonus is then instantly credited to your account.

How to claim a prize from the Loyalty Points Prize Shop? First. Spend your Loyalty Points on any of the 10 exclusive prizes which you can find from the Chitchat Bingo website. then, Just e-mail Chitchat Bingo at with your chosen prize.

Deposit and play now at Chitchat Bingo for your loyalty points. Or you can read our online bingo reviews for more details.