Bingo Australia Nightly Jumping Jackpots

Nightly Jumping JackpotsPlay online games bingo at Bingo Australia and Take part in the Nightly Jumping Jackpots witch playing every night at 8pm for your chance to win up to $150 bingo prizes. This is a super fun and exciting, new bingo game that we are sure you are going to love. There is a surprise in every game, so you never know what is going to be the outcome.

The Nightly Jumping Jackpots Start at 8

Nightly JumpingJackpots at Bingo Australia is playing every night at 8 pm at Cat Bingo room. So join Bingo Australia tonight at 8pm for an hour of jackpots and fun. You can get minimum jackpot $75 and maximum jackpot $150.

Play Now at Bingo Australia or read our online bingo review and join Nightly Jumping Jackpots and watching your jackpots jumping. This is a special bingo contest that is exclusive to this site. If you want to get in on the action then you need to sign up today.

Bingo Australia is the place to play online bingo in AUD

There are great contests and promotions going on all the time so click yourself over to Bingo Australia and start playing online bingo Australia style. You are guaranteed to have fun and make some new bingo buddies.

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