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Bingonanza UK Overview

Bingonanza UK is the coolest and hippest bingo site on the internet. It is a safe, secure place to play online bingo games with some awesome jackpots and prizes up for grabs.

Signup Bonus

Bingonanza UK offers £10 Free no deposit bingo bonus to try out their games and 200% first deposit bonus.

Deposit Bonus

Bingonanza offers a regular deposit bonus of a minimum of 50%.

Jackpots offers various progressive jackpots as well as hourly specials throughout the week.

Game Variety

You choose the bingo game of you choice as this site offers games in both 75 balls and 90 balls.

Loyalty / Referral Rewards

BingonanzaUK has a Ultra Loyalty Club that allows you to collect points as you play & receive big bonuses up to 100% deposit bonus. With Bingonanza Referral Rewards you will earn a 15% bonus (in BPs) on each of your friends deposits for the lifetime of their account.

Support offers e-mail, toll free and help desk support.

Deposit / Payout Options

There are many Deposit and Payout Options including: Swich . Mastro . Visa Electron . Visa . solo . Mastercard . Neteller . Ukash . nibetbookers.


Bingonanza UK has very nice site graphics which make it easy to read and easy to play.


This bingo site is run on Parlay Software. They are one of the pioneers of online software and have all the features, including security that you will need to play online bingo .

Bingonanza UK

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Bingonanza UK

LAST UPDATED: January 22, 2013

Bingonanza Overall Rating

The Overall Rating from our Bingonanza Review is 8.7 which is one of our top site ratings. The only thing that we would like to see is an improvement in the sign-up and regular deposit bonuses. They do offer great support, great graphics and it is all running on one of the best bingo software around.

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More on Bingonanza

Get ready to call bingo as you start out with a 200% Signup Bonus This site is all about fun and friends so join Bingonanza today and you will wonder why didn’t join sooner!

  1. Bingonanza Sky High PJP Games08-02-2010

    The sky’s the limit with the sky high PJP game. This 90 ball full house progressive gets higher and higher every day, and easier to win every week at Bingonanza.

  2. Bingonanza Roller Coaster £5000 Challenge08-11-2010

    In the Bingonanza new Roller Coaster Challenge you’ll be twisting and turning in your seats as you play for £5000 in prizes!

  3. Challenge Weekend Showdown @ Bingonanza UK08-21-2010

    Brush off your dusters and mosey on down to the saloon for the Challenge Weekend Showdown at Bingonanza UK and win a bingo bonus this from August 20th to August 22nd.

  4. Bingonanza £5,000 Pirate’s Life Challenge09-23-2010

    Welcome aboard the £5,000 Pirate’s Life Challenge at Bingonanza where there are two weeks of Crossbones and X MARKS THE SPOT games for all you landlubbers.

  5. Bingonanza Lucky for Some 13 Sundays11-15-2010

    For some, the number 13 is unlucky but, in these games, Bingonanza is giving you the chance to make it really pay off! Winners of the 8pm, 9pm and 10pm Linked Up game will receive an extra £13 bonus.

  6. Bingonanza Friday Free-for-All11-15-2010

    Friday Mornings and Nights are crazy at Bingonanza with six hours of Free and BOGO Bargains.

  7. Fall Into Autumn @ Bingonanza11-15-2010

    To help you Fall into Autumn, Bingonanza UK is bringing back the exciting Windfall promotion between September 24th and September 30th!

  8. Hurrah for Vets Giveaway @ Bingonanza11-15-2010

    Between October 21st and October 24th it’s vet week at Bingonanza.

  9. 50% Deposit Rebate at Bingonanza UK11-15-2010

    Bingonanza has a unique deposit rebate program ensures that you have the opportunity to receive a minimum 100% bonus on every deposit you make.

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  11. Silver Bells Challenge @ Bingonanza12-31-2010

    Ring in the season with the new Silver Bells Challenge! Bingonanza UK is celebrating the Spirit of Giving with by giving you even more opportunities to win big bonuses.

  12. Bingonanza £5000 Silver Bells Challenge02-08-2011

    The Silver Bells Challenge rings in the New Year, continuing until 6 January 2011. Tune in to the new Bingonanza BELL and MUSIC NOTE games playing twice an hour from 6am-1am GMT in both Money Tree and Lucky Streak.

  13. Motion @ Bingonanza UK02-28-2011

    Things really get into motion when the Bingonanza UK bingo patterns go on the move every morning from 10am til 11am.

  14. Bingonanza Buddy Bingo04-02-2011

    From February 25th to March 3rd, every time you share a win on any part of a game at Bingonanza between 12pm and 12am, your fellow winners will become your Bingo Buddies.

  15. Colour Me a Winner @ Bingonanza04-02-2011

    Cards of a different colour can still be winners. Finish these games with up to 3TG and win. Play online games bingo at Bingonanza for your bingo prizes now.

  16. Bingonanza April Showers £5000 Challenge05-12-2011

    The April Showers £5000 Challenge will help grow your winnings when you win both of the new April Showers and April Flowers games at Bingonanza.

  17. Bingonanza Bingo On A “56? For £5606-09-2011

    Football fans all over the world are looking forward to May 28th, when the UEFA Champions League Final will decide a new champion. Bingonanza will celebrate with £56 Goal prizes.

  18. Bingo Burglar £5000 Challenge @ Bingonanza06-09-2011

    Play online games bingo at Bingonanza and be a Bingo Burglar and break into the latest £5000 Challenge between May 13th and May 26th.

  19. Bingonanza Best of Bingo07-20-2011

    This double hour “Best Of” mix of games is like having a super hits bingo jukebox. What are you waiting for? Play online games bingo at Bingonanza to win.

  20. Bingonanza £5000 BBQ Bingo Challenge07-20-2011

    It’s time to play online games bingo at Bingonanza and Bingonanza is firing up the barbeque and serving up some sizzling new games in the £5000 BBQ Bingo Challenge.

  21. Triple Progressive Hour @ Bingonanza07-20-2011

    Not one, Not two, but three progressive jackpots this hour all of which start by playing hard to get but then get easier to win over time at Bingonanza.

  22. Linked UP PJP Games at Bingonanza07-20-2011

    Play online games bingo at Bingonaza and play for the linked ultimate PJP of at least £5000. Every hour on the hour.

  23. Bingonanza Triple Ripple Thursday08-12-2011

    Join and play online games bingo at Bingonanza. It’s always a full house from 9 pm to 12 am for these ripple games, where the prizes go every which way but sideways.

  24. Double Double Bingo Week @ Bingonanza08-12-2011

    To kick off Double Double Bingo Week, Bingonanza is giving away an extra £22 Bonus to players bingoing on a “22?. Win any pay bingo game on the number “22? and you could win or share £22 Bonus.

  25. Bingonanza Oktoberfest Bingo11-29-2011

    Play online games bingo at Bingonanza and strap on your lederhosen and raise your beer stein for two weeks of Oktoberfest Bingo. Earn tickes to £1,000 tournament.

  26. Bingonanza Money In Your Pocket11-30-2011

    It’s time to play online games bingo at Bingonanza at Thursdays, because play £10 worth of bingo anytime on Thursday and receive £1 bonus free. Don’t miss it out.

  27. Oktoberfest Challenge @ Bingonanza12-01-2011

    Play online games bingo at Bingonanza between September 16th and September 29th. You’re guaranteed a seat at the table for the new Oktoberfest Challenge.

  28. Mini Max @ Bingonanza12-06-2011

    Feeling a little low? These Mini Max Games at Bingonanza make it easier to max out your chances of winning. What you need to do is play online games bingo at Bingonanza.

  29. Bingonanza Every Day Is Christmas12-23-2011

    Check your calendar and play online games bingo at Bingonanza, because Every Day Is Christmas at Bingonanza with £4,000.00 in bonus daily bonuses giving a way.