Bingonanza Roller Coaster £5000 Challenge

Roller Coaster BingoIn the Bingonanza new Roller Coaster Bingo Challenge you’ll be twisting and turning in your seats as you play for £5000 in prizes! Play in the “Air Time” and “Double Loop” games until 19 August to earn bonus money and collect your Challenge Badge. You could also win a £5 bonus for winning the final part of any Challenge game! When you go to the amusement park, do you like to ride on the rollercoaster? If you do then you are going to love this brand new challenge. If you don’t you are also going to love this new challenge as you can get all the excitement without any of the danger.

The Roller Coaster Bingo Event will be Fun for All

Remember, if you win both the Air Time and Double Loop games you’ll earn a special Roller Coaster Challenge badge for your badge board! Bingonanza challenge games play twice an hour, from 6am-1am (BST), in both Money Tree and Lucky Streak. Make sure that you sign up today to be notified of all of the amazing contests and promotions that are always on a Bingonanza.

Play Now or read our online bingo review and join the Roller Coaster £5000 Challenge.

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