Jackpotjoy Bingo Every Day In Lounge

Jackpotjoy BingoComplete a Blackout in less than 49 balls and you’ll land a £2,000 Super Jackpot in Lounge at Jackpotjoy Bingo from Monday to Saturday 2 to 3pm and 7 to 8pm, Sunday 6 to 7pm.

If you fancy landing a dream Bingo Win playing in the laid back Lounge Room at Jackpotjoy Bingo, then don’t miss the Super Jackpots.

It’s easy to win a Super Jackpot, simply complete a Blackout within a set number of calls and the cash is yours.

Monday to Saturday paly from 2 to 3pm for £2,000 in 49 calls, Monday to Saturday paly from 7 to 8pm for £2,000 in 49 calls, Sunday play from 6 to 7pm for £2,000 in 49 calls.

And the best news is that your Super Jackpot comes in ON TOP of any Progressive Jackpot wins. So you’ll win them BOTH. Which is why Jackpotjoy Bingo is home to the biggest Bingo Wins anywhere.

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