123 Bingo Online Walk of Fame

Walk of FamePlay online games bingo and get yourself starred among your favourite Hollywood stars on the Walk of Fame every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. If you are an actor or an actress then the ultimate recognition of your achievements would be to have your own star in Los Angeles where everyone can see it.

Bingo on the Star pattern every Friday, Saturday and Sunday to win the rewards worth $735 and more in the Green Room at 123 Bingo Online from 6 pm to Midnight (12 am).

The Walk of Fame Bingo Contest is on this Weekend

Bingo on the Star pattern and win guaranteed pots of worth $75 each.

Keep playing as the value of the reward keeps growing by $10 with every Star game played every hour.

And, bingo on the Star pattern within 20 calls to win 2 BBs and a Star. By the end of the month the player to collect maximum stars gets the honor of being starred among on our walk of fame to win 50 BBs.

So, bingo to shine like a star on 123 Bingo Online this month.

Play Now at 123 Bingo Online or read our online bingo review and join Walk of Fame for your bingo prizes.

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