123 Bingo Online Win a Date

win a datePlay online games bingo at 123 Bingo Online and win a date to win a reward rich in love and cash. What are you waiting for? Join the WinaDate for the prize.

Bingo on the Valentine’s Day Special bingo patterns and win yourself a dream date along with the grand guaranteed jackpots of up to $800 everyday at 123 Bingo Online.

And that’s not all. Also…Win any of the following combos to win crazy bonuses all through.

Win a Date Special for Valentine’s Day

Bingo on the Valentine Gift and Valentine Heart combo in a day to win a 5 BBs. Bingo on the Valentine Heart and Diamond Ring combo in a day to win a 6 BBs. Bingo on the Diamond Ring and Wedding Cake combo in a day to win a 7 BBs. Bingo on the Wedding Cake and Valentines Gift combo in a day to win a 8 BBs. Bingo on any 3 patterns in a day to win a15 BBs. Bingo on all the patterns in a day to win a a $50 bonus.

WinaDate is play once every 3 hours everyday in the Red (Nickels) Room.

Play Now at 123 Bingo Online or read our online bingo review and join win a date for your chance to win bingo prizes.

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