Bingo Fest Canada Day Tourney

Bingo Fest

Make this first day of July a day to remember by celebrating Canada Day with Bingo Fest and getting in a chance to win amazing prizes! On Sunday, July 1st, Bingo Fest will be having a Special Starting $100 Bingo Tourney.

Bingo Fest will start off with a Free $50 Game at 6PM ET, which will play as Top of the Hour in their Summer Room. As a Mid-Hour Game, they will be playing a Multi-Part Starting $10/$25/$50 Game with a card cost of $1.25 each. The Starting $100 Games will be played in between until 10PM ET at $1 per card, all having Canada Day Themed Patterns. Enjoy!

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Bingo Fest has Grandtastic Bingo Games

Start your morning or end your evening with fun, games and big prizes at Bingo Fest.

2-4-1 Bingo Parlay Slots

2-4-1 Bingo

The 2-4-1 Bingo Famous Parlay Slots are now giving away $2,500 in extra cash every month! As bingo players have requested, this month the weekly winners will be randomly selected from all qualified players! The more entries you get the more chances you have to become one of the 5 weekly cash winners at 2-4-1 Bingo.

Every week from Wednesday to Tuesday play the parlay slots at 2-4-1 Bingo and you could win between $50 and $250 in cash. All you need to do is play and win on the Parlay Slots, every win gets you 1 point into the ranking. FIVE lucky players will be credited with the cash prizes above each week. $625 cash every week for a grand total of $2,500.00 every month just for playing the Parlay Slots you love! Isn’t it a great deal? Start playing now!

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241 Bingo where all is Two for One

Join today for the $25 free sign on bonus and the 500% bonus on every deposit. These are two outstanding reasons why 241 Bingo is the ultimate bingo site!

Dream Bingo UK Chat Games

Dream Bingo UK

If you like to play bingo chat games than you are going to love the Dream Bingo UK Chat Games. Come and join in the fun and play Chat games and earn yourself more Bingo Bonus every 5 minutes in all rooms at Dream Bingo UK.

In the 90 ball room there are tons of choices to join in the chat games. A few of these games include:

3 Blind Mice

Blind numbers in this game are any numbers with a 0 at the end (30 40 50 etc). As soon as the first blind number is called shout “blind mice & the number” (EG: “blind mice 20”). The first 3 roomies to call, win 1 Bingo Bonus each.

Double Trouble

Watch the caller’s board for the first double number (11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88). When it’s called, say “double & the number” (EG: “double 22”). The 1st & 3rd player to call win 1 Bingo Bonus each.

Eggs Up

All roomies pick a number that ends with zero. When your number is called, type “EGGS UP” along with your number to the Chat Host to win 3 Bingo Bonuses. (1 winner only).

In the 75 ball room there are almost as many choices. A few of these include:

9am Wake-Up Call

Pick a number between 1 and 75. When your number is called, shout “I’M AWAKE” with your number to win 3 Bingo Bonuses.

2 corners or connect 2

When any 2 corners numbers (B1, B15, O61 and O75) are called, the first 3 roomies to yell “CORNERS” will win 1 Bingo Bonus.


I will ask a quiz question. First 2 roomies to answer correctly win 1 Bingo Bonus each.

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Live the dream at Dream Bingo UK

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Sun Bingo 100 Club

Sun Bingo

Join Sun Bingo for the 100 Club every Friday, Saturday and Sunday and you could win a guaranteed £100 prize for one line, two lines and a Full House. That’s three chances to win £100 in every game!

If you like guaranteed cash prizes every weekend than you should definitely check out Sun Bingo! Join Sun Bingo in the Lollipop room between 1pm and 2pm every Friday, Saturday and Sunday for the chance to win £100 for one line, £100 for two lines and a £100 for a Full House!

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Sun Bingo is home of Britain’s favourite online bingo game

For all the details on this great UK bingo site please read our Sun Bingo Review. Once you’ve registered your details and made your first deposit, you can play all your favourite Sun Bingo games including 75 ball, 80 ball, 90 ball and Bargain Bingo. They have also got unique scratch cards, prize draws and other games so you’ll never be bored! You can play for FREE at Sun Bingo and it is recommended that you try one of the popular mini-cash games which include Poochie Racing, WAGS shopping spree and SNAP.

Amigo Bingo June Free Roll

Amigo Bingo

The famous Amigo Bingo Free Roll will continue in June. By popular demand, Free Roll will continue in June and this time giving away even more – $6,000.00 in free cash prizes only at Amigo Bingo.

Join in the fun every Thursday in June for two hours of free cash prizes. Starting at 10pm you will have the chance to play 20 FREE games, paying $75 cash each! That equals $1,500.00 in free cash prizes will go every Thursday. All you need is a deposit in the last 7 days to qualify for the Free Roll.

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Join all your Friends when you Play at Amigo Bingo

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Bingo Canada Day for Daddy

Bingo Canada

This week Bingo Canada wants to celebrate Fathers Day with a Day for Daddy promotion. Every third Sunday in June we celebrate Father’s Day, a moment to better express our love and respect for the man who has struggled to shape our lives. Let’s remember all the moments dads were next to us with invaluable support and share a special time together on this day!

It’s said that girls are most tied to their fathers and as children love them above all. Dads are every girl’s role model, the first man to love and cherish and her protective shield! While in return, dads would do anything for their little precious ones. Between June 15th and June 20th you need to look for 3 combinations in the Bingo Canada Dollar, Quarters and Friends bingo rooms, just like in Slots!

The prize you receive will depend on the combination you have. All you need to do is win the following bingo patterns:

Dollar room – Heart pattern
Quarters room – Man pattern
Friends room – Top Hat pattern

Here are the possible combinations you can make:

Combination #1 will win $200 in bonus!
Heart – Heart – Heart

Combination #2 will win $100 in bonus!
Heart -Man – Top Hat
Man – Man – Man

Combination #3 will win $50 in bonus!
Man – Man – Top Hat
Man – Top Hat – Top Hat
Top Hat – Top Hat – Top Hat

Once the combination is made, please send an email to promotions @

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Play Fun Online Bingo Games at Bingo Canada

If you want to try out the free bingo games, Bingo Canada welcomes you in their free bingo room, aiming to make the time you spend at this site as enjoyable as possible.

Loonie Bingo Indy Racing Chat Special

Loonie Bingo

This month it is all about the Indy Racing at Loonie Bingo with a month long Chat Special. Experience this adrenaline-fueled, action-packed racing game straight from your computer seat as Loonie Bingo is bringing the Indy Race to the chat rooms as well!

From June 1st till June 30th join in the City room from 8:00 pm till 10:59 pm and become a legendary driver worthy of a part in The Fast and The Furious thanks to the Loonie Bingo own version of the Indy Race right here in chat.

They will have 15 “circuits” to choose from on our high speed track so strap yourself into the driver’s seat of your car and feel the ultimate adrenalin rush as you race thought the bingo laps.

The bingo board on your game screen will be the track, so get set by choosing a number from the “B” Column. The first three players to complete the 5 laps across their lane to spell “bingo” will win 5 to 25 bbs depending on their loyalty level.

But that’s not all, at the end of each hour the best drivers will be rewarded with the following prizes that will not count towards your deposit limit.

1st place ($50 bbs each)
2nd place ($25 bbs each)
3rd place ($10 bbs each)

Be sure not to miss out on this opportunity to experience firsthand the thrill and excitement of the Indy Race. See you all at the Loonie Bingo track…

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Stretch Your Loonies with Loonie Bingo

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Eyes Down Bingo Beach Party

Eyes Down Bingo

This week play the Eyes Down Bingo Beach Party Challenge and watch the bonuses add up. Lather up and hit the beach! It gets warmer every day and it’s time to soak in the sun, work on your tan and enjoy a cool drink! Whether you’re lying on the sand or enjoying the surf, a day at the beach is just what the doctor ordered!

Eyes Down Bingo is bringing the beach to you so you can enjoy it night and day with our two new challenge games: Palm Tree and Sunshine! These games are playing twice an hour in Money Tree and Lucky Streak (6am-1am) to maximize on your beach time!

Win both games and receive £5 Bonus and the Beach Party Challenge badge. You’ll also earn entry into the Thursday night 9pm tournament in Madhouse playing for £750 in prizes!

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Keep Your Eyes Down to Win with Eyes Down Bingo

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Vics Bingo Redecorating Magic

Vics Bingo

This week the Vics Bingo promotions are about redecorating magic. Our home is the personal space we want to find welcoming, comfortable and blending to our mood. Just a little change in the décor can bring new energy in your life, so why not try using some simple home décor tips from Vics Bingo to create the perfect atmosphere?

No matter the restrictions: space, light, budget, time, you can find a magic wand to upgrade what you already have. Skimming through a few basic tips could light up brilliant ideas for your living space.

Join the Vics Bingo Dollar room between June 11th and June 13th, because from 7:00 PM until 10:00 PM EST they will feature 3 hidden prizes of $300 each, one per day. Be on the lookout, because they will be included as regular games and you will only be able to see them once they start!

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Vics Bingo has easy to play games with big jackpots

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Bingo Francais Gros Lots Foux

Bingo Francais

Le Bingo Francais Jackpot est fou! Devenez fou aussi! Accrochez-vous bien à votre chaise car c’est une heure de Jackpot non-stop à chaque jour!

Joignez-vous à nous à 17 h et à minuit chaque jour pour une heure de Jackpots en folie. Les cartes sont à 5 cents chacune; vous pouvez gagner 1000 x 5 cents en 55 boules ou moins.

Les chances sont impressionnantes… les Jackpots aussi à Bingo Francais!

Bingo Francais vous donne l’opportunité de vous joindre à la communauté francophone des joueurs de bingo en ligne. Jouer Maintenant

Bienvenue sur Bingo Francais en ligne

Bingo français est l’un des meilleurs sites de bingo en ligne. Nos hôtesses sont 100% québécoises. Plusieurs salles de bingo en ligne virtuelles sont mises à votre disposition. Venez apprécier notre bingo en ligne et préparez, vous à crier Bingo à Bingo Francais!.