Amigo Bingo Gives You An iPad In May

Amigo BingoAmigo Bingo knows you want the iPad. And now you can have it. Four weekly contest are ready for you to win Big in May. What are you waiting for?

In May 2011, Amigo Bingo gives you and iPad. The hottest technology item is ready to go to your house in May 2011. Courtesy of Amigo Bingo. Four weekly contests give you lots of opportunities to win cash during the month and also get 1 of 4 chances to become the Grand Prize winner of the amazing iPad.

The weekly contest will run from Monday through Sunday. Every new week you will have a chance to win the prizes at Amigo Bingo as below. The 1st player will get $150 cash and 1 entry into the final draw. The 2nd player will get $100 cash. The 3rd player will get 50 cash. The 4th player will get 50 bbs. the 5th player will get 25 bbs. At the end of month, the 1st place winners of each week will get into a final draw to win the iPad.

Play Now at Amigo Bingo or read our online bingo review and join the Give You An iPad contest every week for your chance to win the iPad and the prizes.

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  1. Amigo Bingo offers the first multi-lingual bingo environment on the internet, including full bi-lingual technical and customer support.

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