Astro Bingo Haunted House Bingo

Haunted House BingoMake deposits and play online games bingo at Astro Bingo between October 22nd and October 31st with Haunted House Bingo. The Ghosts are Haunting the Lucky Streak Room. Don’t miss out.

There have been reports of eerie noises and strange apparitions in the bingo room, but Astro Bingo can’t find a rational explanation. Astro Bingo need your help in solving this mystery, so Astro Bingo is offering up to £310 Cash for proof that Astro Bingo is being Haunted By Ghosts.

Don’t be Scared of Haunted House Bingo

Every night 3 random players will receive cash rewards if they witness some ghostly activity. Astro Bingo need as much evidence as possible, so on Halloween Night Astro Bingo is increasing the bounty to Ten Times the amount.

Each hour between 8pm and 11pm one sneaky Ghost will Haunt a random game in the Lucky Streak Chat room. The trick is that the Ghost will appear only After the fateful Haunted Game has begun so it can frighten as many players as possible.

Only players who are in the chat room will see the ghost, but the winner could be anyone, even if they aren’t in chat!.

After the Haunted Game ends, one random Ghost Hunter player will win a Ghostly Reward of £31 Cash for witnessing the Haunting. Join Astro Bingo on Halloween Night when the prizes jump up to a hair-raising £310 Cash.

To qualify as a Ghost Hunter you must be playing at least £1 worth of bingo cards when the Ghost floats through your game. (£2 minimum on October 31st.) No one knows which game will be a Haunted Game until the Ghost appears, so your best bet is to play as many games as you can in order to win one of the bounties. Pre-purchase your tickets for the best chances.

Steel your nerves and prepare yourself for an uncanny week of Haunted House Bingo.

Play Now at Astro Bingo or read our online bingo review and join Haunted House Bingo for the bingo prizes.

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