Astro Bingo Twosome Tuesday

Twosome TuesdayAstro Bingo loves Tuesdays so much they are offering £22 on one line, two lines and full house twice an hour for two hours between 9pm and 11pm on Twosome Tuesday. This is not usually the most popular or most profitable day of the week to play online bingo. The most interesting contests are usually showing up on the weekends or around the holidays. Well, now we have a great opportunity to celebrate Tuesdays once again. Come and join us as this becomes our new, favourite day of the week at Astro Bingo.

This is Your Week to Join Twosome Tuesday

Make your Tuesday totally Twosome with these 35p 90-ball games. Double your pleasure in these games as each game plays for three £22 prizes! Be sure to be in the Money Tree Bingo Room at 9pm.

Play Now at Astro Bingo or read our online bingo review and win big with Twosome Tuesdays!!

Online Bingo from Your Home with Astro Bingo

Fun games, tons of contests with awesome prizes is what you can expect when you play online bingo at Astro bingo. If you are from the UK then you need to make yourself familiar with this very popular bingo site.

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