Bingo Australia Beer Rally

Australia Beer RallyBingo Australia wants to celebrate beer with an Australia Beer Rally. Beer drinkers all around the world will be in seventh heaven as International Beer Day is celebrated around the world this coming Sunday. Bingo Australia wants to keep you busy all weekend long (Friday 3rd to the 5th) with their very own a Beer Rally!

And best of all, in this Beer Rally you will not get drunk or have to suffer from a hangover!

This weekend your mission is to travel far and wide while gathering a variety of containers that this frothy drink might appear in. The patterns will be playing in the Purple room from 8pm – 11pm and will be worth a minimum of $30. However, in addition to this we have given special values in kilometers to all the different beer container patterns so that we can determine how far you traveled during your quest.

Join the Australia Beer Rally

These are the values in Kilometers:

Keg = 7 km
Pint = 5 km
Beer bottle = 3 km
Frosty mug = 2km

In addition to the pattern prize money, 3 lucky players selected at random from 3 different categories based on how far they traveled while gathering drinks containers will take home additional prizes for their great achievements during our Beer Rally:

Amateurs Category – Top three players who were able to accumulate anywhere from 1 to 15km will take home 25BBs each

Intermediate Category – Top three players who were able to accumulate anywhere from 16 to 30km will take home $50 Cash each

Pro Category – Top three players who were able to accumulate more than 31km will take home $150, $100 and $75 in cash

On your marks everyone! Let’s Play!

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