Bingo Canada Working Force

Working Force BingoThis week Bingo Canada wants to celebrate Labour Day with a Working Force Bingo promotion. Power to the working people! It’s your day today, so relax and start the celebrations – the bingo celebrations that is. However, a Bingohead’s work is never done! Work your way through the Bingo game and collect the “Cent” pattern as your pay on Monday, September 3rd in the Dollar Room and Bingo Canada will reward you with a bonus for a great days’ work.

The Working Force Bingo Community is Coming out Strong

For the first “Cent” pattern you collect you’ll receive $50 and for every pattern from there on out you’ll receive a cumulative extra $20 to your previous sum (for example, for 2 “Cent” patterns you’ll receive $50+$70, for 3 patterns you’ll enjoy $50+$70+$90 and so on.) Make your Bingo paycheck that much more rewarding!

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