Bingo Fest Choose Your Roomie

Choose Your RoomieOn Monday, July 26th, from 8am-2pm ET, a special choose your roomie game will take place in The Great Escape room at Bingo Fest only while a CH is present. Once a player (who is in chat), wins a bingo game, they pick a roomie (who also is in chat) and gives to the CH. The CH will have a number board with amounts hidden from 2-10 BBs. The amount hidden under the number they won on, both the game winner and their chosen roomie will receive.

Choose Your Roomie to Win Big at Bingo Fest

Once a number is chosen, it can not be used again. To qualify for BBs the winner of the bingo game must have been in chat at the beginning of game they won. The winner of the bingo game has to be in chat and give the CH their chosen roomie. The roomie must have purchased minimum 1 card for that game and answer in chat to the CH to be eligible. The winner of bingo has until the next game begins to answer to the CH. If they do not give their choice of roomie by this time frame, they forfeit their win. The roomie winner chosen must answer once they are picked by the bingo winner. If they do not when the CH calls their name, they will forfeit their win as well and another roomie is chosen.

If more than one bingo winner per game, they may not choose the other bingo winner as their chosen player or can bingo winners choose the same player for the same game. Please note for multi-part games, winner(s) and last ball called is based on part 3. This bonus game will be played along with our regular chat games.

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