Bingo on the Box Nabors Wild

Nabors Wild BingoNabors Wild Bingo is a brand new game for you to try out. Play online games bingo at Bingo On The Box and get to know your nabors this Wednesday October 27th. There are some extra online bingo bonus waiting for you.

The Chat Host will announce the Nabors game in the chat at Bingo On The Box. The Chat Host will then pick a Wild Number.

Nabors Wild Bingo is our Game of the Week

If you bingo on a ball that ends with the Wild Number in it you win 2 BBz and both Nabors above you win 3 BBz each! If you bingo on any other number you win 1 BBz and both Nabors below you win 2 BBz!

All players must meet the minimum card buy requirements and call “WILD” or “NABORS” in the chat to claim their BBz prizes. The minimum Card Buy Requirements is 4 cards.

Play Now at Bingo on the Box or read our online bingo review and join Nabors Game to say hi to your nabors and win.

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