Bingonanza Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt BingoCrack the Easter Eggs and Win Tickets to the Bingonanza Easter Egg Hunt Bingo Contest. The Bingo Easter Bunny is hopping towards Easter Sunday, but his basket is so full that he’s dropping 10 Easter Eggs (filled with free tickets!) along the way!

Every day until 24 April, when you crack open one of these Easter Eggs you’ll find a random number of tickets to that night’s 9pm £250 game, and one Golden Egg Ticket to the Bingonanza £1000 Easter game on 24 April at 10pm!

Easter Egg Hunt Bingo will be Fun for All

But… you better get crackin’ because these Eggs won’t last forever! If you don’t crack your egg by 8:50pm, it will go ROTTEN and the tickets inside will be spoiled. To play, just spend £10 cash on bingo or side-games in one day (starting 14 April), and the following day (starting 15 April) you’ll be able to crack open one lucky Egg on the Easter EggHunt promo page!

Every night at 9pm in the special EasterEgg Hunt Room, They will start with 5p warm-up games for £15 each (Buy 5 Get 1 Free), and then finish the hour with a special £250 Coverall game. On 24 April, they will follow that up with the final 3-part £1000 game! Additional tickets for nightly and final games cost £10 cash.

Play Now at Bingonanza or read our online bingo review and join the Easter Egg Hunt.

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