Canadian Dollar Bingo Coverall Party

Bingo Coverall PartyPlay online games bingo at Canadian Dollar Bingo and take part in the Bingo Coverall Party, you could have the chance to win the bingo prizes scaling down from $2,000 to $150. Experience the Scaling down thrill in the Party at Canadian Dollar Bingo to celebrate the awesome coverall game that we all love.

The Bingo Coverall Party is Ready to Start

If you are after some adrenaline packed but fun filled games with great cash prizes then you are in the right place and right game at Canadian Dollar Bingo. Get grooving with this fantastic Party that Canadian Dollar Bingo brings to you from 10pm to 11pm throughout the week.

The Coverall Jackpot starts from a great $2,000 and will be scaling down little by little to end with a mad $150 guaranteed jackpot. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to hit a massive jackpot, or at least $150 bucks for just a few cents. These parties don’t happen very often, so you need to be ready to jump in when it is available. This is coming very soon!

Play Now at Canadian Dollar Bingo or read our online bingo review and join Winning the Party for the scaling down bingo prizes.

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