Join in the Easter Bingo Tourney at Bingo Spirit

Easter Bingo Tourney

It’s time to celebrate this April and what better way to do that than by joining the Bingo Spirit Easter Bingo Tourney. Just come down to the Seasonal Spring Bingo room from Friday to Sunday each week this month.

There are a whole lot of games on offer and a ton of prizes to be won too. In fact, the top 40 players will get a piece of the prize pool. Come top of the pile and you’re walking away with an impressive $1,500 in cash. And that’s on top of the prizes you win per game!

Kicking things off, Bingo Spirit has Top of the Hour Multi-Part Guaranteed games $17.00 / $34.00 / $51.00. The first part plays on a small pattern, the second on Easter-themed patterns, and the third is a Coverall.

Have fun this April in this Easter Bingo Tourney!

Your favourite spring bingo patterns are ready for action. Look out for the following winning bingo patterns:

  • bunny
  • duck
  • basket
  • rabbit ears
  • lamb
  • easter egg
  • cross
  • candles
  • grass

What do You Need to Know

A weekly, weekend Bingo Tourney consisting of Top of the Hour Multi-Part Guaranteed games and a weekly prize pool of $3,800.00 that will be rewarded to the top 40 players with a top prize of $1,500 in cash.

When is it on?

The event takes place every week from 12:00AM EDT on Fridays through to 11:59PM EDT on Sunday. All games are Top of the Hour.

How to Join?

Join your friends in the Seasonal Room and play the Top of the Hour Games with a card cost of $.35 and an offer of Buy 7 cards get 3 free. You can also Pre-order now!

Prizes Breakdown

Here is the breakdown of what you can win depending on your final ranking:

Ranking / Prizes / Balance

1st Place / $1,500.00 / Cash
2nd Place / $750.00 / Free Play Bonus
3rd Place / $250.00 / Free Play Bonus
4th Place / $150.00 / Free Play Bonus
5th Place / $100.00 / Free Play Bonus
6th – 10th Place / $50.00 / Free Play Bonus
11th – 20th Place / $40.00 / Free Play Bonus
21th – 30th Place / $25.00 / Free Play Bonus
31th – 40th Place / $15.00 / Free Play Bonus

Easter Bingo Tourney Summary

There are several special bingo events that are lined up for the month of April. We are predicting that this will be one of the most popular of them all. Happy Easter Everyone!


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