Loonie Bingo Knock Knock Lotto

Knock Knock LottoNow is the chance of a lifetime to claim your share of our lottery jackpot prize in the Knock Knock Lotto! Once a week luck and fortune will knock at your door and smile upon you as now your favorite numbers can win you some extra BBs! Who would have thought Loonie Bingo will make you win the lottery!

Well, now it does! Any single $50 deposit that you make any day from Friday through Wednesday, will give you the chance to pick 5 lottery numbers from 1 to 75. Once your deposit is made, you will need to enter your numbers!

The Knock Knock Lotto is Fun for All

Knock, knock Lotto will be played every Thursday at Loonie Bingo using the first 5 calls of the game played at 1pm ET in the Blue room. If your numbers are called, you will be rewarded with the following prizes:

5 numbers hit: 100 bonus
4 numbers hit: 80 bonus
3 numbers hit: 50 bonus
2 numbers hit: 25 bonus
1 number hit: 25 bonus

Play Now at Loonie Bingo or read our online bingo review and win big with the Loonie amount of prizes they are giving away.

Loonie Bingo is Where I spend my Loonies

One of our top picks for Canadian bingo players. You won’t be disappointed with all of the friendly players, amazing contests and huge jackpots awaiting you at Loonie Bingo. All games are played in Canadian Dollars and Canadian time zones.

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