Star Sign Bingo at Loonie Bingo

Star Sign BingoPlay Star Sign Bingo at Loonie Bingo and earn an extra 15BBs. Play the Astrology pattern featuring the zodiac signs during the date ranges for each sign and if you bingo on it during your star sign you can claim an EXTRA 15BBs from Loonie Bingo! If you don’t have your birth date entered in your profile, make sure to get in touch with CS to update this as soon as possible as this is one of the main requirements to participate!

Play Star Sign Bingo and it Could be Your Lucky Day

There is also an exclusive $150 Free Roll. To kick off each pattern we will host an EXCLUSIVE FREE event for players born in that sign where the star sign pattern will be worth $150!! Only depositing players born in the specific sign will get cards to this event, so make your deposit before the first day of your star sign!


Stretch Your Loonies with Loonie Bingo

For more information on this great Canadian Bingo Site, please read our Loonie Bingo online bingo review. You can take advantage of a 300% bonus on every deposit are really get the most of your dollars, or loonies at Loonie Bingo.

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