Tasty Bingo £2 Mil Thrill

2 Mil ThrillHave you ever hear of the 2 Mil Thrill? Just when you thought that Tasty Bingo couldn’t get any better, it does. Playing every other Saturday at 9pm, you have a chance of winning up to £2,000,000.

Get a taste for the high life with the shiny and new £2 Mil Thrill. Tasty Bingo is talking glitz, glamour and gallons of cash. Adjust your seat and tighten your belt because the £2 Mil Thrill is going to take you for a ride to remember every other Saturday at 9pm.

The 2 Mil Thrill is Now on the Menu at Tasty Bingo

Play online games bingo at Tasty Bingo every other Saturday night at 9pm in the Specials Tab room. You could win up to £2,000,000.

Pre-buy your cards now. And then all you have to do is start thinking about how you’d spend the money if you win. Simply bingo on the least amount as you can. The less the calls it takes you to call house the more money you win. It’s as easy at that.


Tasty Bingo has the Freshest Online Bingo

To get all the tasty facts on this UK bingo site please read our review of Tasty Bingo. There is always something going on and find all the latest info in the Bingogals promotions section. For the definitive bingo experience, Tasty Bingo truly is one of the top UK bingo sites on the web!