Tasty Bingo Tasty £50 Treat

Bingo TastyMake Saturday nights extra special with a Bingo Tasty £50 treat at Tasty Bingo. This is guaranteed to be the best night in for a long time. Playing Every Saturday at 7pm. You want to make sure that you are there and you are on time if you want to win.

Bingo Tasty is the Way to Win a Tasty Prize

Are you ready for a naughty night in? Whether it’s a Chinese, Indian or just good old Fish ‘n’ Chips, spend a naughty but nice evening in with TastyBingo and the takeaway treats will make it all the more delicious. Every Saturday night at 7pm TastyBingo will be delivering some devilishly good orders with The £50 Saturday Night Takeaway. And no matter what your choice, the bill just comes to 2p.

To win is simple, First to Bingo on the S pattern. £50 credited to the players account. See you there is Saturday.

Pre-buy your 2p cards for the weekly game. Then all you have to do is to be the first to bingo on the S Pattern.

Play Now at TastyBingo or read our online bingo review and join Tasty £50 Treat for your chance to win £50 by 2p.